Don't know whether or not to buy a christening suit? Are you undecided and need some advice?

In the case of baptism, a kit is indispensable, because it contains all the objects that will be needed, both for the priest and for the little one.

Kits have become very varied, and now parents have a wide range of kits to choose from. These can have various models and can even be personalized, with the baby's name or even with various messages, such as "With love from the nose!", if they are the ones who want to purchase a cheap christening kit .

baby boy suit

The objects that are part of the kit will be needed at the baptism anyway, even if you want to purchase them individually. If you choose the kit version, however, the elements in it will always have a harmonious design, where all the objects that make it up fit perfectly with each other.


christening kit, bouquet of flowers

What is a kit?

The kit is represented by several objects, which will be used both before and after the sacrament of baptism. The kit can contain soap for the priest, towel, for the priest and for the little one, myrrh cloth, myrrh bottle and many other items.

Depending on the budget and preferences of godparents and parents, the kit can be, as the case may be, more or less complex. It can even contain the clothes that the baby will wear after being immersed in the water, as well as the box for the string.

Also, the design of the objects can be very varied, there are many models, each one more beautiful.

baby girl unicorn christening kit

Have you ever seen an Annebebe kit?

Don't buy a kit until you see these, because you might change your mind!

Would you like "Little Gentleman" to be written on the towels in your boy's kit? But to see your little prince dressed in a gorgeous suit, in which he already looks like a lawyer in the making?

Annebebe's sets are very complex, made of very good quality materials.

traditional christening suit

These kits also contain the clothes for the little one. The clothes have a superb design, which will take the breath away of all the guests, the moment they see the baby dressed in them!

The Annebebe team cares a lot about the small details, so if you look carefully, you will see that in the case of all the kits, the clothes match perfectly with the towels and candles chosen!

Since there is no doubt that your baby will have to be the most important part of the christening, know that you have the option to customize his kit! So, you will make the event dedicated to him and only him!

baby girl unicorn christening kit

In addition to the fact that you can write various messages on the kit, such as the name of your little one, you can also choose a certain color.

If you have noticed that your baby (or his parents) is attracted to certain colors, you have the possibility to choose a personalized kit, in which case you can choose the color of the embroidery of the objects, i.e. the myrrh cloth, the towels or the candles.

sailor baptism kit

It is possible that by choosing a color that the baby loves, you can create a less overwhelming environment for him and thus, he will feel at ease, even though he will be surrounded by a sea of ​​people.

Annebebe's sets are spectacular and considering how diverse they are, it may be very difficult for you to decide to choose just one! A big contribution to the beauty of these kits is also represented by the quality of the products, and if you decide to purchase such a kit, the little one will surely have a wonderful event!

Let's not talk about the pictures - Where the little one will be the star, in the elegant and tasteful clothes included in the Annebebe kits!