The organization of the event involves a lot of emotions and preparations, from the thorough observance of specific customs and traditions, to choosing the perfect gift for the child and parents, so that the memory remains alive with them.

Most of the time, the little one's gift is a symbolic one, the godparents wanting the baptized little one to carry the moment of baptism with him for the rest of his life, introducing the event into the capsule of memory by means of gifts chosen with great care.

Which variants are the most suitable for the perfect gift?


  • Box for the first birthday - the little one's birthday is celebrated by his family, so it becomes the perfect opportunity to give a box in which the parents will keep the memory of this moment.
  • Box for the first strand and the first tooth - if parents want every memory to be kept as close as possible to them, the first tooth rushes to appear so quickly that they can't even keep up. If the first strand is kept, surely the first tooth will need a place of honor next to it!

  • Red thread bracelet - because curious eyes are always closer to the little baptized, the red thread, as stated in folklore, will protect him from the evil eye, evil thoughts and troubles, which is very important, especially in the first months of life of the child.

Children grow very fast - gifts that anticipate the baby's needs


  • Teething toy - the period of teething is a complicated and painful one for little ones, but alternatives to toys that distract them and help them calm the stress caused by this event are more than welcome
  • Musical box - music is extremely important for the child's development, which is why educational toys that emit sounds are a suitable option.
  • Baby footprint keepsake box - how great is it to be able to keep your little one's first footprint in a box alongside their favorite toy and other objects that were the first they came into contact with? The box for memories will bring every moment closer to reality.
  • Pled cot & stroller - the baby's skin is very sensitive in the first months, which is why cotton is a suitable choice, being skin-friendly and extremely pleasant to the touch.

  • Numismatic coin - each coin features a charming image of a tiger cub following its proud and protective parent. You use the silver penny at the next day's wedding, after the baptism and then when cutting the motto or the cake stuck to the strand of hair with candle wax.

The fingerprints of the whole family - how can you keep them?


If the parents are passionate about art and want to transpose it into their memories, the fingerprint kit becomes one of the most suitable ways. Thus, implicitly the whole family at

this activity, which will later become an unforgettable memory - literally - being able to be displayed on the wall.

  • Imprint kit - Set of 4 frames for hand or foot prints on canvas Baby Art 0-8 years Pop Art PRINT PAINTINGS. Completely safe for baby. A set of four frames through which you can create a special memory.
  • Magic Box Fifi Mandirac Squirrel Limited Edition - Baby Art Magic Box is a kit for making the baby's handprint and footprint. It contains the impression material, the metal box for storage and the exposure support.

How useful can an attached toy be?


The Baby Attachment Toy Gugu Puisor Mayoral 19107 is one of the toys that can become the first and closest to the child. The first textures felt by him are very important, and the attachment he ultimately has to them forms a real connection.

The attachment toy develops cognitive skills through a variety of shapes, textures and stimulating sounds. Develops the child's imagination. Friendly shape - soft materials ideal for baby's small hands.