What do we need and what do we choose for the next day, after baptism?

Baptism is an event with a deep meaning and full of emotions, a day that you have definitely been waiting for. However, after the baptism is over, it is time to think about the next day where it will be necessary to prepare the traditional bath of the next day, a special moment to which you must pay special attention.

In addition to the traditional silver coin, gold wedding ring and rose petals, clothes are among the first things to be purchased for the little one, but luckily in the Annebebe offer you will find everything you need to succeed in celebrating the moment as it deserves. From complete sets to essential items for this day, you will find with us a variety of styles, colors and textures to help you make the best decision for both you and your little one.

What do you need for the next day?

baby at home

Selecting the right clothes for this happy day is a duty that must be respected by parents. However, it is recommended that they talk to the parents to find out exactly what they want to make the event as successful as possible.

In the Annebebe offer you can find both casual suits and more elegant models, being a choice that only depends on personal preferences and the theme, as well as the size and location of the event.

Boys clothes

In recent years, more and more parents have prioritized the comfort of the little one, selecting natural materials such as cotton, which is not only light, but also soft to the touch.

  • Clothing - A light suit or tracksuit is a perfect option to dress the little one, especially if the big event is held at home or in a more casual setting;

bathroom clothes set

  • Shoes - A pair of sneakers or light shoes will harmoniously complete the whole ensemble;

  • Beanie - Depending on the season and weather, you can also opt for a chic beanie both to be on trend with fashion and to keep the child warm;

  • Socks - at least one pair of socks will keep the little one comfortable and warm throughout the event;

  • Truss – the truss is a set that is often used for baptism, but it can be perfect for the next day as well.

Girls clothes

Girls enjoy a lot of clothes models, from airy dresses to complete sets, which will considerably help godparents and parents to find everything they need in one place.

maternity bath set

  • Dresses – these items are the best choice for such occasions. They are available in various colors, textures and models to match the event as well as your preferences;

  • shoes - shoes, ballet flats and ankle boots can be easily matched with any outfit to make it look like a princess, but also be comfortable;

  • leotard - depending on the season, a leotard will protect her better from low temperatures, especially since it is made of organic cotton;

  • trusou - just like in the case of boys, the trusou used at baptism can be of great use here as well;

baptism kit

  • headbands or cordeluses - arranging the hair is a last detail that should not be omitted even for the little ones. With this in mind, you can select a headband that matches perfectly with the chosen clothing.

No matter if it's a boy or a girl, if the event takes place in autumn, winter or early spring, you will also need a jacket or coat for the first outing in the city.


  • Towel - The towel is necessary when the little one is taken out of the tub, as it needs to absorb the water quickly without irritating the sensitive skin;

  • Blanket - every child needs a blanket. This will accompany him in the following period, being a traditional accessory that is always chosen for the little one;

  • Silver or gold gift - at such an important event, most of the time the godparents choose the first piece of jewelry for the child. This can be a personalized gold or silver bracelet or medallion, which can be engraved with the day, name or a message that reflects the emotion of the day.

The bath the day after baptism is a moment of recharging and relaxation, and adequate preparation is essential to ensure that the experience is pleasant and full of joy. By choosing the outfit, the accessories and the other essential elements, you will be able to create a perfect atmosphere for all those involved, managing together to fully enjoy this special moment and create memories that will last forever.