Choosing the most suitable gift for a baby or child is a challenge for each of us, regardless of the occasion on which we offer the respective gift or the relationship we have with the little one's family. The Baby's Room offers you some gift ideas that are suitable for christenings, birthdays, but also for holidays or name days. Each of these gifts benefits from the guarantee of using the best materials, in accordance with international standards, but also from an exceptional design, being a symbol of elegance and refinement.

We all want to offer gifts that are original, but at the same time extremely appreciated and useful to the baby's family. The Baby's Room recommends that when choosing the most suitable gift, you should first of all take into account the personality of the parents. Thus, to the extent that you know their passions or interests, you can choose the most suitable gift to offer a child, regardless of the occasion. When we talk about gifts for babies, at least for the first year of life, Camera Bebelusului recommends you to choose objects that will be primarily useful to the parents. This does not mean that the respective objects will not be able to be used or worn by the little ones when they grow up.


Most of the time, however, the ideal gifts are unisex ones such as cute or elegant silver-plated photo frames, sets of boxes with sentimental value for keeping the first tooth or the first strand of hair, jewelry or silver coins. Silver coins have been offered since the Middle Ages, as a first capital of the newborn. The custom of giving a silver coin is preserved even today, Camera Bebelusului offering you a varied range of such coins, with a special design and accompanied by certificates of authenticity.


Personalized photo frame for the first year of the baby's life


A special choice can be represented by the photo frame for the baby's first birthday, which is provided with 12 spaces for photos, for each month of life. This 12 months photo frame is the best gift option, both for christening and for birthdays, being provided, in addition to the twelve spaces for photos, with a central space for a larger photo. The parents thus have the option of choosing a representative picture of their child, which they can frame centrally among the 12 photos of the little prince or little princess.


The personalized photo frame is suitable to be given as a gift to both girls and boys, being made of silver-plated metal, a useful and elegant gift. This personalized photo frame will keep the memory of the first steps in the life of the little one, marking the evolution of the baby every month. Decorated with funny animals, the photo frame will represent a miniature album, easily accessible and extremely useful both to decorate the baby's room and to complete the collection of family photos.


Photo frames with fingerprints for babies


If you opt for a personalized photo album to give as a gift, Camera Bebelusului offers you several elegant options, suitable for keeping the most beautiful photos both from the baby's christening in the form of an album and from the most important events in the life of the little one. The silver-plated photo album with a photo frame cover decorated with a Bambino Baby bear is a useful but also extremely practical gift.


For added originality, you can choose as a gift a photo frame, provided with a fingerprint kit. This is one of the best gift ideas for babies, suitable for both christening and first birthday or name day.


The double frame is decorated with miniature toys, plated with silver in the form of a teddy bear, a cart and a horse. Each of these toys is decorated with a crystal rhinestone. The special space for the handprint is arranged on the side, being extremely easy to make by parents or family. The double photo frame is made of ivory-colored MDF and is suitable for both boys and girls.


Christening gifts plated with silver


Silver-plated christening gifts are an inspired choice when we talk about gifts that can be given on the occasion of a special event or an anniversary.


If you are a fan of a glamorous style, you can choose a silver-plated photo frame made of sparkling crystals. The photo frame is available in two versions, both for boys, Prince, and for girls, Princess. Decorated with Swarovski crystals, the photo frame can be the most wonderful way to store the dear memories of the baby, but also a sophisticated gift, thanks to the materials used.


When we want to offer a more refined gift, we can opt for a birth certificate holder or a set consisting of a silver birth certificate holder and a photo frame. The gift set also benefits from a special packaging in the form of a gorgeous box. Both the photo frame and the support for the birth certificate are made of the best quality materials, plated with silver.


If you are a little more melancholic, you can help the little one to keep important moments in his life by giving him a silver box for the first strand or the first tooth or even a set of such boxes, in which the parents can keep these dear souvenirs. If you opt for a set, you have at your disposal either the box version, but also the version of the silver train for the loop and teeth or the silver carriage. The carriage has a luxurious interior, being lined with velvet. The boxes intended to house the first memories of the baby are arranged on a support with wheels, having a height of 5 cm.

The train can be successfully offered to a newborn boy. Each of the two wagons will house a curl or a first tooth, in a velvet frame, all packed, of course, in an elegant and refined silver gift box. Regardless of the chosen model, the silver-plated gifts represent a sign of appreciation for the little one and his family, a symbol of a great emotional charge, being made with special care and attention to details, as if taken out of a story frame to create a new world for the little one, one full of magic and beautiful things.

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