baby coming Or are you waiting for the baptism day, but you need advice regarding the perfect organization of it?

You are in the right place!

Throughout the long period of activity, our goal has been to help parents, godparents and guests at a baptism at the beginning of the journey, so that they can enjoy the most beautiful and friendly articles intended for babies and children.

crepe christening dress

Because things change when it takes place in the cold season, especially in autumn and spring when the temperatures drop constantly, organizing the baptism is a real challenge. And you wonder, as is normal and easy to understand, what would be better for him, how to dress him and what are the essential things that you must consider so that the little one feels at ease.

Today's theme brings into discussion how a perfect christening outfit should look, as well as the most beautiful outfits that will accompany you on the most beautiful day of his life.

natural baptism dress

The baby's outfit for the organization of baptism in autumn and winter

Some babies like to make their expected appearance. Others are in a hurry and come into the world before the estimated term. It is certain that the weather is not inferior in the second half of the year, being unpredictable. And if today the weather forecast says good weather, tomorrow the weather can change 180°. So, you have to take all possible precautions so that the event goes as you dreamed.

baptism costume

For impeccable outfits, from A to Z, browse our Annebebe online store or let's get to know each other better in one of the physical showrooms available in Bucharest.

christening coat

If you are not visiting us for the first time, thank you for your trust and loyalty! You certainly know in this case that you can not only dress your child festively, but also decorate his room beautifully, with decorations and pieces of furniture specially created for your little one, or create a fabulous day outfit with day or to prepare for motherhood through us.

christening babies in costume

But if we kept mentioning the christening outfits, you should know that we have reinvented our portfolio and prepared several wonderful sets for you to enjoy this time as well or to give as gifts. Both for girls between the ages of 1-24 months and for boys, we recommend you to choose clothes for baptism with long sleeves and made of fabrics that are friendly to his delicate skin, designed to offer him all the comfort he needs.

pink coat for girls

Children are very fragile. If you choose a dress, for example, we come to your aid with equally beautiful socks, but also with a wonderful bolero to stand out and keep them warm.

navy blue baby suit

Boys must not be inferior! And we assure you that they will look flawless through a 3-piece suit consisting of a jacket, vest and pants, to which we also add a beanie that will fit perfectly. Of course, you can also find the option of a fully customizable suit.

girl's lace dress

Whatever your choice, Annebebe outfits have impeccable seams, the materials are durable and soft, and the cuts are perfect so that they dress the body with refinement and make it stand out.

velvet baptism costume

Various, personalized and best quality suits for girls and boys

Of course, in addition to the spectacular outfit, the christening itinerary must also include the necessary kit for the church. The most special dads will choose a tailored suit. And with us you will find many options for both him and her. You can purchase them individually, but you can also choose one of the new play sets made up of the necessary accessories for the christening ceremony, to which the story outfit is added.

We have such advantageous packages with wonderful suits and dresses, accompanied by the adorable christening candle that will fit perfectly with all the other selections.

pink dress for girls

According to your wishes, they can be personalized with the name of the little one or any other details, a concept that will give you the chance to watch the steps of the future spiritual child by giving a unique and emotional first gift. These two- or three-piece kits will highlight their tenderness and purity. So, we invite you to discover them all right now!