Organizing a baptism is the most beautiful thing, as it is about christening your child. Both for you as a parent and for our parents, this event is completely special. But what happens if it should take place during one of the biggest fasting periods of the year? It may be a baptism that needs to be done as soon as possible or maybe the little one is born right before a big fast. It is not impossible to be baptized in such periods as well, and we have some advice for you if you choose to baptize your child during fasting.


Baptism outside of fasting - the first choice of parents and godparents

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Most parents, even if they welcome their child before a long fast, choose together with the godparents to baptize their baby after the fasting period. It is the most common alternative among people, but, of course, there are also those who choose to hold the baptism while fasting. If you are wondering what are the periods with Orthodox significance, we mention four of the most important ones: the Easter Fast, the Fast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (June 20-28), the Assumption Fast (August 1-14), the Christmas Fast (November 14 - December 24).


What do the priests say about performing baptism while fasting?

Maybe you really want the little one to be able to be shared at Christmas or Easter, and this is only possible if he has been baptized. What do priests say about the holy ceremony during Lent? That it can be officiated without problems, as long as the party will be postponed until after the period specific to each post or if the party will be a smaller one, with a post menu.

This is because fasting is intended for peace of the soul and recovery, and parties and entertainment should be limited during fasting, from a Christian perspective. For this reason, the priests urge that the baptism party take place during the periods when there is no fasting.

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There are priests who offer the blessing, if this requirement is respected. There are priests who will offer it even if an event will immediately follow at a restaurant. How can you proceed in the second situation? The priests recommend, however, a fasting menu, and the restaurants have the possibility to prepare such a menu for you. Of course, everything remains in your hands, you can choose a normal menu. For example, if it is a fish-free day, the dishes may contain this food.

If you know that your guests prefer an event outside of fasting and are more excited about this idea, you can postpone the party and organize your normal baptism, with a classic "sweet" menu. If the baptism really needs to take place during the fast, you choose together with your partner and godparents a day after the fast for the holy ceremony, and later, after the fast, you will be able to hold a custom-made party, with food and fun.

Why would a child be baptized in fasting?

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Children can end up being baptized during fasting either because the period coincides exactly with the 40 days mentioned by the Church in which the child must be baptized or because of some emergency situations (health problems, families that have to leave the country, etc.). You can certainly baptize the little one and the priests are usually open to agreeing to the best option.


Some tips and recommendations for baptism during fasting


  1.     Consult with your godparents about any decision.
  2.     Choose a priest willing to hold a beautiful ceremony, an understanding priest who will guide you towards the best option.
  3.     Weigh the idea of ​​having the party before or after fasting, think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages. You will do this together with the godparents.
  4.     Regardless of whether you choose to be baptized during fasting or not, the responsibilities are the same. For our noses, we mention that:
  • Next, they will take care of buying a kit for the baby .
  • Parents can give the child a gift of silverware (bracelet, earrings, chain, etc.)
  • The same ceremony will be performed, with the essential steps in which the godmother is always with the child and the priest.
  • There will be no shortage of candles that the godfathers will choose. For this, we recommend the baptism candles category .

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Having said that, it all depends on you as parents and grandparents. If the party with pomp is not very important and significant for you, you will be able to choose a day after fasting for the holy baptism. The rest are details that concern only you, the family members. We hope that we have been useful to you and we are sure that you will have a dream event regardless of whether it will be during fasting or not. The secret is to prepare properly.