About Bebus baby products

Bebus reinvents children's fashion through a trendy collection, a collection addressed to energetic children, but also to those with personality, through clothing sets that manage to make children stand out. Addressed to both girls and boys, the Bebus brand offers children the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in their own strength every day, playing or walking, shopping. Thus, Bebus fashion reflects on the practical clothing pieces, in which any parent is proud to catch the light of their eyes - the children.

Discover the story of Bebus!

The Bebus universe began to take shape in 1987, with the first knitting machine that was purchased by the Turkish couple, Zahide Nihat. Later, approximately 8 years later, the brand reoriented itself from the sphere of knitted articles for children, towards the production of diversified materials, at which time the name Bebus Tekstil became expressive on the market.

In the last 10 years, Bebus has widely expanded its production capacity, producing over one million products annually, with over 500 new launches and exporting to over 50 countries.

With the motto - "Children are the future!", the Bebus company wants to emphasize quality clothing items, clothes at competitive prices, which contribute to comfort and safety in movement. Thus, children will be noticed easily and will enjoy more much of their outings when they wear modern and cotton items from Bebus.

Baby at AnneBebe

Bebus also meets the needs of parents and modern children even through your favorite shopping portal, accessories and reliable items for children -Annebebe. Thus, today we offer you a new varied collection that any child in your family can fully enjoy, even for years in a row.

Annebebe's Bebus collection focuses on gift sets of two or three pieces, addressed to girls and boys between the ages of 0-3 months and up to 5 years. The models are varied, mostly classic, but there is no shortage of items such as sets made up of elegant blouses with frills and cotton trousers, which can be combined appropriately for more special occasions or when little girls want to dazzle with an elegant outfit.

For boys, we have sets consisting of trousers and a hoodie or trousers, a shirt/t-shirt and a knitted sweater/jacket. The Bebus sets are made from specialized materials with an impeccable cut in which you can carefully observe the impeccable seams, durable materials with a composition of up to 98% cotton, resistant to daily wear and an active lifestyle or to hand washing and automatic.

Thus, the modern outfits that the children can themselves through the parents who call on the Bebus collections, will be truly spectacular and ideal to highlight their personality at any time of the day. If you are looking for complete, beautiful and comfortable, durable outfits for your little family members, we are waiting for you in the annebebe universe to get to know each other and discover Bebus clothes. You can find them both in physical stores and online.