For every little girl, Barbie was the first favorite doll, and so was Ken in the case of boys.

Now you're a mom, but you probably remember how much you loved your Barbie doll when you were little. You wanted her to have as many outfits as possible, and you also wanted to find the same clothes she had. Pink was the color of childhood for you, and surely it is the same now for your little girl.

If you have a boy, it's no different at all. His Ken, is dressed in beautiful clothes, predominantly blue, and has many cars in which he drives around quite often. That's why the chances are extremely high that your boy will really like the color blue!

What clothes can you choose for your little Barbie doll?

When they are small, little girls love pink. They start to love fashion and good taste since they are small, and, secretly, they admire how beautifully mommy dresses in her dresses. Every little girl wants, from a young age, to look like a real doll. So, don't be surprised if your little girl asks you to buy her Barbie doll clothes!

The chances are quite high that when she grows up enough to choose her own clothes, she will want princess clothes. So, make her feel proud when she sees her outfits from when she was even younger than that, and dress her from just a few months old, like a doll!

A dress like the one here is ideal for a Barbie doll. And it can even represent a christening outfit!

Pink Dress Barbie Pink Polka Dot Tulle Skirt And Wings

If you liked the first dress I showed you, then this one will blow your mind. And this is perfect for the baptism of the little one, but also for other events where you want your Barbie doll to be admired by everyone!

Pink Barbie Flower Tulle Christening Dress for Girls

Barbie in everyday life

A barbie doll, she dresses in pink all the time, not just when it comes to events. So, if you don't want her to go out with a smile, you will have to make sure that in your little girl's wardrobe there are some pink clothes for everyday activities as well.

Outings in the park can take place in outfits like this . A gorgeous dress in which your little girl will be the star of the playground!

Pink Unicorn Dress Barbie Body Girls

To make the outfit complete, don't forget the famous thin socks with frills, or the pink tights. Some socks like the ones here will complete the outfit!

Girls Powder Pink Tulle Short Socks

Consisting of a jumpsuit and a thin T-shirt, the outfit can be ideal for your doll to play quietly, without being too hot. The set allows her to move easily, because it is not bulky at all, but it does not make her look less elegant and beautiful than a Barbie doll!

What clothes can you choose for little Ken?

When it comes to boys, the trending color is blue. It is ideal to choose dark blue shades for the cold season, and light ones for the warm season.

And if you want your boy to really look like Ken, you must not only pay attention to the color, but also to the elegance of the clothes. The Ken doll always had elegant clothes that made him look ready for a select event.

So, if you want your doll at home to look just as good, opt for elegant outfits, made of quality materials.

If it's hot, opt for lighter colors. A suit with a light blue jacket, like the one here , can be the most suitable option if you want everyone to think that the baby looks a lot like Ken!

Silviu Suit Bleu Jacket Polka Dot Vest Christening

Also in the warm season, you can opt for suits with short sleeves and short pants.

At the same time, for even more suitable outfits, take into account your boy's hair color and skin tone. For babies with blond hair, and a little creole, a blue suit with polka dots would suit well.

For boys with brown hair and light skin, you can opt for a suit like this one .

5 Piece Navy Blue Elegant Ceremony Suit .

When choosing outfits, always pay attention to hair color or skin tone, so you can choose the most suitable clothes. That's the only way you'll be able to make the little one look like the Ken doll!

Ken in everyday life

The costumes are definitely suitable for Ken, as well as for your baby. But, sometimes, even Ken prefers sports or casual outfits.

An outfit idea for everyday activities can be represented by nice pants and any loose T-shirt on top.

The shorts of this type are easy to match with any type of t-shirt, and they are similar to the ones Ken wears.

In the upper part, you can even opt for a shirt made of a soft material.

Also, if you want to forget about the matching problem, you can opt for outfits consisting of a single piece of clothing.

A jumpsuit is a good option when you don't want to waste too much time looking for clothes.

There are many clothes with which you could dress your boy or girl, to look like Ken or Barbie. And we only showed you some of the options. However, you could definitely find more if you enter Annebebe, the world of Barbie and Ken clothes!