The new collection of Annebebe clothes is here. Merry Christmas for the little ones and the big ones!

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and we are very excited to present our new Christmas collection, specially designed for the most cheerful, curious, adventurous and sweet children.

We could say that this period is one of the most important of the year. It is the time when the whole family gets together, spends time together and creates unforgettable memories. Not only that, this period is also known for going out with friends, themed parties and family photo sessions, which create unique moments in everyone's life. Maybe it's the first Christmas with the baby or maybe your little one has already put up the tree and will fill life with his goodies.

And what a joy it will be for you to live Christmas this year more than ever with the soul of a child, with gifts that will make the little one happy, with Santa Claus stories and a decoration like a story. In order for the festive atmosphere to be complete, make sure you prepare the most beautiful outfits for your child or children.

As the adults prepare their outfits for this period, we decided to help the little ones with unique dresses, costumes and accessories, special for every taste.

To begin with, we will deal with the little ladies who are ready to attract attention with their delicacy and elegance.

Christmas girls clothes collage

Christmas dresses for cute and innocent little girls

Elegant Long Sleeve Christmas Dress for Girls Red Taffeta Tull AnneBebe

Elegant Long Sleeve Christmas Dress

Time passes quickly and in 2-3 years you will find yourself looking at the pictures you took this year at Christmas. Give your little girl beautiful memories and dress her up like a Christmas doll. Whether you go to a Christmas party or receive relatives at home, all eyes will definitely be on her. The elegant Christmas-themed dress has long sleeves and is made of taffeta and tulle, shiny and pleasant to the touch. The skirt is gathered thanks to the material underneath, so your princess will never stop doing pirouettes. The red shade of the dress is complemented by the white collar and white lace sleeves. And for a complete outfit, don't forget the voluminous headband that will keep her hair to one side and reveal her candid, cheerful face and wide eyes waiting for Santa's gifts.

Elegant Long Sleeve Christmas Dress for Girls Red Velvet Anne Bebe

Elegant Long Sleeve Velvet Christmas Dress

Velvet and lace are two precious materials that we love beyond words. And when we thought of this dress for the little princesses, we thought of offering them an outfit as if taken from the dear stories that you would hear over and over again. I decorated the red Christmas dress with a voluminous lace collar and sleeves made of the same flowery material. And we didn't stop there - the dress has a layer of white lace underneath, which emphasizes its finesse even more. It is a perfect dress for Christmas photo shoots, Christmas or New Year parties, kindergarten parties and many other festive occasions during the winter holidays.

Elegant Red Girls Christmas Dress Red Tulle Skirt With Polka Dots AnneBebe

Red Tulle Skirt With Polka Dots

Red symbolizes life, joy, cheerfulness, fulfillment and love. We thought about all this when we created the Christmas dress made of red tulle with polka dots. It has long sleeves because it is important for your little girl to feel comfortable in the cold season, without the need to put a sweater on top and burden her movements. It fits nicely in your body, it has a voluminous, fine and soft collar, which opens to the sides like the rich petals of a flower. We did not forget to complete the outfit with an indispensable accessory for the little princesses whose eyes will light up when they discover the gifts from Santa Claus or the greatness of the tree decorated like in the Narnia stories.

See the dress here

Other models of Christmas dresses

The elegance and beauty of a high quality dress is unmatched. Made of 100% cotton on the inside, and 100% polyester on the outside, the Annebebe dress has a playful tulle with polka dots both on the top and bottom. The green tulle is perfectly combined with the red fabrics of the dress and the closure is done at the back to facilitate dressing and undressing. It is made for little ones aged between 1 and 24 months, being ideal for this festive period of the winter holidays.

little girl's Christmas dress

For lovers of luxury and supreme elegance, who love the magic of the winter holidays, an immaculate white dress is the perfect choice. It has long sleeves and puffs, and the top of the dress is made of soft, shiny, fine taffeta and of the best quality. The skirt is made of silver lace, with particularly beautifully outlined details. The closure is made at the back with the help of a zipper, at the base of which is attached a flawless bow that offers grace and class. Each individual piece is 100% cotton inside and is made with great care for exceptional results and to compliment the innocence and tenderness of little princesses, aged between 1 month and 3 years.

Navy Blue Bust Long Sleeve Dress

Elegance can be expressed in many ways, and at all ages. Ideal for girls aged 4-8 years, this Annebebe dress perfectly combines the navy blue bust and matching checkered skirt, with the addition of red and green shades. Being 100% cotton on the inside, the dress offers increased comfort so that the little girl can have fun. The slightly puffy sleeves, the ribbon with the bow that slims the waist and the easy closure with the pearl buttons at the back, offer a refined and sophisticated design. We say it's perfect for Christmas pictures and festive occasions.

Elegant Dress for Girls Red Lace

The perfect Christmas accessories for little girls

In order for each outfit to be complete, it must be properly accessorized. Headbands are perfect and comfortable accessories that do not put pressure on the little one's head.

If the princess's dress is in shades of red and green, the headband below is the perfect choice. Made of a bright red material, with a delicate tulle with green dots attached on top, this headband will be the extra that the little one needs to shine in her Christmas outfit!

Elegant Christmas Headband for Girls Red Green Bow

Because every detail matters, the cord with bow from Annebebe comes to complete the more delicate outfits. The voluminous bow is made of diaphanous white tulle with delicate silver details. This goes perfectly with the spirit of the holidays, especially in photo sessions with loved ones, offering an extra glow.

Elegant Christmas Girls White & Silver Tulle Bow AnneBebe

And to ensure that the cold does not reach the precious princesses, the socks knitted in an elegant design come to the rescue. Being made of 76% cotton, they ensure the necessary warmth and comfort, having as a detail a wavy edge that perfectly imitates lace to exude elegance and sophistication together with other beautiful pieces of clothing.

Long Socks for Girls

Now, the time has come for the little gentlemen to shine, regardless of where they will appear.

Unique Christmas costumes for boys

boys christmas clothes collage

Costumes are perfect for capturing unforgettable moments with your loved ones, regardless of where the activity or event takes place. Maybe you are preparing for a festive family dinner on Christmas Eve, a walk to the Christmas market in Austria, for a Christmas party in the family or with other friends, for New Year's Eve, the first morning of 2024 or simply a meeting photo that will crown the family album with a lot of charming pictures. Here are some new pieces from our festive Christmas collection that we can't wait to present to you.

Suit White Shirt Pants Braces Checkered Red With Green AnneBebe

Christmas costume for baby

The holidays are fast approaching and if you look through the closet and can't find something really special for your child, don't waste time and order a complete costume from us that will get you out of the impasse. Photo sessions to capture with pride in the family album? A Christmas party with many friends, adults and children? Kindergarten celebration or maybe just a traditional dinner at grandma's? Regardless of the occasion, your little boy will look great in this costume specially designed for the end of the year period. It includes a white shirt and trousers with suspenders (a classic piece) that close with buttons in the front. The pants are in red and green gifts - the colors of Christmas. And because we like to compose complete outfits so that you don't have to look for other accessories, together with this suit you can also order a beret in the same shades as the pants. You see, with us and with your dear child, Christmas is really extremely happy!

Other Christmas costumes for small children

The Santa Claus costume from Annebebe is made of soft red plush, with a delicate white fur attached. We designed it from new and delicate materials with the skin of small children, so you don't have to worry at all about their comfort and safety. The Santa Claus costume is dedicated to little ones between the ages of 3 and 24 months and is the ideal choice for Christmas pictures with family, friends, at kindergarten and in other situations.

Santa Claus costume with Fur

If the little one already has elegance in his blood, this suit with a red plaid vest and green pants could exude the desired sophistication. Intended for those aged between 1 month and 3 years, this suit made of cotton is made in Romania, in our workshop, each model being given extra attention to the smallest details.

Red Plaid Vest Christmas Costume

Paired with a white shirt, the set above will look great on the small figure of babies and small children, making even parents and grandparents proud.

And for the little gentlemen who are eager for increased movement, a set composed of a checked jumpsuit and a casual bodysuit is the ideal solution. The short dungarees in shades of green and tartan red and the body with long cream sleeves, bring an air of elegance through a classic and refined design. The 2-piece set is made especially for little ones from 2 to 18 months.

2 Piece Set - Plaid Short Jumpsuit and Cream Long Sleeve Body

In the section of the new Christmas collection dedicated especially to boys, you will find many refined and detailed models from Annebebe, manufactured right here in Romania! The designs are for all tastes, being original and classic models, ready to be worn by little style lovers.

Stylish shirts

Perfect for the little ones who love knowledge and elegance, the shirts have never disappointed. Dedicated to those aged between 1 and 18 months, this long-sleeved shirt is ready to give a sophisticated air to the whole outfit. The shade of light blue goes perfectly with the tartan plaid bow tie, and the comfort is given from the first contact with the skin, the shirt being 100% is ideal for the delicate skin of the little ones.

Elegant Cotton Shirt for Boys

Every detail, from the well-chosen buttons to the fine texture of the material, contributes to the creation of a piece of clothing that not only completes the aesthetic aspect, but also emphasizes the importance of comfort and attention to details in the world of fashion for little ones.

Refined news

Refinement details really make the difference when it comes to children's outfits, and an elegant vest made of fabric adds an extra touch of distinction. With delicate buttons and a red plaid design, the vest for boys perfectly complements the sophisticated outfits of the little ones, giving them a neat and festive look, ideal for the time when we are waiting for Santa Claus.

The carefully chosen fabric for the vest not only offers a pleasant feeling to the touch, but also adds an additional level of comfort for the little ones, so that they feel good at any time of the holidays. The carefully chosen buttons complete the design, bringing a touch of elegance and style, and the combination of tartan red contributes to creating an image full of warmth and joy, specific to the festive spirit of Christmas.

In this vest, the little ones will shine as much as the festive decorations, standing out with a charming and well-groomed look. This piece of clothing is not only an aesthetic choice, but also an expression of attention to details and the desire to offer the little ones a festive and stylish setting during the winter holidays.

And for supreme elegance, a blue vest with incredibly delicate details can complete the outfit as rarely seen before. Packaged with a pair of blue pants and with a "matchy" design, the uniqueness of the luxurious design, the incredibly careful manufacturing hand and the qualitative superiority of the material give the wearer a sophisticated and refined air.

It is perfect for capturing moments with loved ones, for elegant parties, including those at kindergarten or at grandparents. Imagine how the little one will be dressed as a prince while playing around the decorated Christmas tree or when singing carols with the family. A festive costume is not just a piece of clothing, but a key element in creating a festive atmosphere.

Elegant bodies

And if your child is already 2 years old, you will most likely continue to dress him in bodysuits because these pieces of clothing are indispensable for them. But, for Christmas, we have prepared some thematic bodysuits, with an elegant and special holiday design.

Immaculate white, carefully chosen design and excellently executed fabric workmanship, give a touch of elegance to the whole outfit. Both inside and outside, the bodysuit is 100% cotton, the material being especially soft for the baby's sensitive skin. If the little one is between 3 and 6 months old, this is the perfect choice, especially to capture memories in a baby photo session, specific to the winter holidays.

White Baby Cotton Body With Long Sleeve

The new collection of festive clothes for children for Christmas is not only a clothing option, but a way to dress the little ones in the magical spirit of the holidays. Each piece in this collection brings with it not only refinement and style, but also the authentic joy of Christmas. From shirts with playful prints to elegant vests and matching pants, this collection reflects attention to detail and care for the comfort of the little ones. As the little ones get ready to shine in these charming outfits, it's clear that children's fashion can bring a touch of magic during the holidays. Thus, celebrating in style, the little ones will create beautiful memories and keep the festive spirit alive in their hearts. With this collection, Christmas becomes not only a holiday, but an authentic and charming experience for the little ones.