The Abel & Lula brand in Camerabebelusului

Abel&Lula welcomes the personality of little girls with a collection of accessories and clothes that will transform them into real princesses, everyday and especially at special events.

The cut of Abel&Lula clothes is modern and elegant, ideal for those little girls who want to copy the personality of mothers everywhere who are elegant and with an expressive attitude in terms of the outfit they adopt daily.

Also, Abel&Lula offers the possibility for girls to feel comfortable and stand out with grace, in all the pieces they wear, regardless of the season.

Abel&Lula - the story of a successful brand

The Abel&Lula activity was launched as a small Spanish concept, becoming today a global name, with tailor-made children's items.

The products enjoy worldwide success, even reaching the United States of America, the mother brand being Mayoral - a brand with 80 years of activity in the field, which nowadays celebrates this beautiful anniversary.

Through the many brands that Mayoral makes available to children all over the world, including Abel&Lula, we want the company's slogan to come to life regardless of the context - to make friends anytime and anywhere.

The clothes with a unique and delicate cut, made of fine materials, help little girls to be surprised and to surprise themselves with their own personality, turning them into their own protagonists regardless of the event they participate in. The Abel&Lula brand wants to offer dresses and accessories for girls between the ages of 4-14, that tell stories and that surprise girls in the spotlight, through quality, reliability and accessibility.

How can girls be fashionable with Camera Bebelusului and the Abel&Lula collection?

Are you looking for a cute, comfortable and effective dress for your little girl?

With us you will find in a dedicated category including the new collection for the summer season 2021, from Abel&Lula. We are used to surprising you with special items, so your girls can also benefit from the most beautiful dresses in trends, in the most special moments of their lives.

At Camera Bebelusului you will find a generous collection of elegant dresses, made of precious materials such as lace, jacquard, taffeta, tulle, etc. dresses that will transform little girls into real Cinderellas. The dresses are variously colored, with embroidered details or floral prints that will win their hearts from the first contact.

In order to arrange them in a unified way, we also prepared custom-made accessories, also from Abel&Lula. Thus, the collection is completed with elegant and multifunctional headbands, made of tulle or organza, which can be chosen in contrast with the model of the dress or the other accessories that she chooses to wear. Eco-leather or fur bags are just as nice, which can be the perfect complement for a young lady who doesn't go on the road without her dream bag.

There are also knitted jackets that come to the aid of young ladies at the end of the evening or on cool days, and which will perfectly complete an occasion outfit thanks to the fineness of the seams and the delicacy of the materials.

So, if you are looking for a perfect dress and the ideal contrasting accessories, Abel&Lula will provide you with everything you need at Camera Bebelusului, just a click away. We are eager to know the preferences of young ladies in trends!